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Bedtime Yoga is Lauren U's spin on restorative and yin yoga. Bedtime Yoga will help you wind down from your busy day and help you relax before bed. This is a soothing and gentle class that is held entirely on the floor. Holding poses and options for movement will be offered in each position or pose. We will explore myofascial release and learn how to surrender to the asana or pose. Poses are held for 2-6 minutes, allowing for breathwork and meditation. This is a great class for beginners, you may bring your own props but we have blocks, straps, bolsters and tennis balls. **Crystal singing bowls and chimes are often used during this class to enhance relaxation and promote healing through the power of sound. Please bring your own yoga mat & water bottle and anything else you may need to be comfortable-like layers of clothing, a blanket or two, cozy socks, whatever! **Sound healing and crystal singing bowls are not recommended during pregnancy, or for people with epilepsy, tinnitus, heart conditions, pacemakers, metal pins or plates. Consult your doctor prior to attending.

Class Schedule

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are final. If you do not show up you will not receive a refund. 24 hours notice required to reschedule or you will be charged for the session. All sales final. No refunds, no exchanges. By booking you accept full responsibility for your health and well being during all activities and waive all responsibilities from Lauren Urich Yoga.

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