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What do I bring?  

Bring your yoga mat, water bottle, sweat towel, or any props that you like.

I have to take my shoes off?

Yes, please! Leave them in the lobby in an organized fashion. You can keep your socks on.

Does the studio have props?

We have blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters and tennis balls. Eye pillows are used in Bedtime Yoga only. We have high quality Jade yoga mats you can rent for $5, members get free mat rentals. We have some for sale as well.

Can I change at the studio?

We have one restroom that you can use to change in.

The stuff in the bathroom is free?

You are welcome to anything on top of the white cabinet; hair ties, spray on deodorant, baby wipes, feminine products.

Do you have mats to use at the studio?

We have high quality Jade yoga mats you can rent for $5. Members get free mat rentals. We also have mats available for purchase.

What do I wear?

Clothing should be fitted yet stretchy so it moves with the body. Clothing should not be too small or too big, not too tight or too loose. Clothing should not be see-through. No running shorts, cheeks must be covered. Men are allowed to remove their shirts. Women are allowed to remove their shirts and must have a fitted sports bra that provides full coverage of the bosom. Clothing should not be inappropriately revealing. If you do not follow the dress code you will be asked to change and/or leave the studio. We have the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow the dress code or the studio etiquette. 

Can I bring my kids?

Kids 14 years and older are welcome to regularly scheduled classes. You will need to sign a waiver for them. If kids are disruptive you may be asked to leave the class with them. Kids are not allowed to sit in the studio and wait while their parents practice.

Do you have water at the studio?

We have bottled water for sale at the front desk.

What's up with the discounts?

LUY has discounted class packs. The paid in full memberships are also discounted. High school students, college students, seniors 60+, active duty military, veterans, firefighters, emts and law enforcement can get a discounted Unlimited Monthly Membership when they submit the form at the bottom of the pricing page. Unlimited Monthly Memberships require a 6 month contract and automatic monthly payments. Valid ID is required. No refunds or exchanges.

Need to cancel your membership?

Members can email for pause or cancellation requests. 

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