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studio etiquette

be on time! if you must be late, try to sneak in quietly 

Sign in on the sheet provided in the lobby & check in with your teacher, let them know if you signed up online

if you did not sign up online show up a few minutes early

please take off your shoes and coat in the lobby, leave items on the coat rack or utilize hooks inside the studio above the bench 

please be quiet in the lobby when classes are in session

doors open 10 minutes before class

practice saucha or purity & cleanliness - this includes personal hygiene, the lobby, studio, and bathroom

wear fitted clothes that cover your private parts

bring you own yoga mat, water and sweat towels 
if you do not bring your own mat, you may borrow a loaner mat or purchase a mat

if you use a studio mat clean it with the cleaner & towels provided

blocks, straps & tennis balls are provided - feel free to bring your own

eye pillows are only provided for bedtime yoga & special workshops to maintain cleanliness 

if you need to leave early please inform your teacher and position yourself near the door and leave before savasana (final relaxation)

after class please use your towel to wipe down the floor around you to ensure the floor is dry & safe 

if you are feeling ill you are not welcome in the studio until you are fully recovered and no longer contagious - same rules for skin infections or spreadable conditions

please ensure your cellphone is either off or on silent before you enter the studio 
please do not leave your phone on vibrate, it is a distraction to your neighbors and your teacher - remember yoga is a time to unplug!

do not touch the thermostat, heater, or space heaters in the studio - ask the teacher to move or adjust them if you feel the need

regular scheduled classes are for ages 14 and up, kids are not allowed to sit in the studio while parents take classes
kids and college students may utilize the s&s pricing plans

be kind & respectful to your yoga neighbors & your yoga teachers before, during & after class


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by booking, you agree to practice these guidelines.
thank you for being respectful & kind to others,
& the studio.

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