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Service Description

If you need a great workout and want to sweat it all out, this is the class for you! The studio will be heated between 80-90 degrees as you flow through a fun yet challenging vinyasa series full of twists and core work to wring you out. Temperatures may vary due to the age of the building, it will be warmer in the summer time. Heat helps to prevent injuries and helps you sweat out toxins stored in the body. The heat also helps to increase circulation and boosts heart and lung health. If you are new to yoga, please try a casual Hatha class or a non heated vinyasa class (vinyasa is another word for flow) to learn some of the basics and get a foundation before you add the heat. Please bring a hand towel for your sweat, you may want a larger towel for the top of your yoga mat or for your hands or feet to prevent slipping. Don't forget your water bottle, and drink plenty of water after class to stay hydrated.

Class Schedule

Cancelation Policy

All bookings are final. If you do not show up you will not receive a refund. 24 hours notice required to reschedule or you will be charged for the session. All sales final. No refunds, no exchanges. By booking you accept full responsibility for your health and well being during all activities and waive all responsibilities from Lauren Urich Yoga.

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